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PY Proxy Manager

Fixed port forwarding settings

1.Start PY S5 Manager


① Still Have - Remaining IP amount

② Local Proxy - Indicates the local Proxy address

③ Local IP - Indicates the local IP address

Tips: PY S5 Proxies have to be used under non-Chinese mainland network environment.

2. After logging in to the account, turn on PY S5 Manager, filter country/state/city, and click Search to obtain the IP address list of the target region. You can also filter by ZIP code and IP Subnet.

3. Right-click on an IP, click "Forward Port To Proxy", choose a port.

4. IP has been bound successfully, click “Port Forward List” check detailed proxy parameter. You can also click Free on the right side to set the port free and go to Today List to bind the IP to another port.

5. Copy the proxy info and configure it in your proxy software or extension. Then check your IP on You can see that your IP has been changed to the one you chose.

7. Definition of Column:

Status of Available:

True: The IP is in your Today List for less than 6 hours.

False: The IP has been in your Today List for over 6 hours.

Status of Online:

True: This IP can be bound to use again.

False: This IP can't be bound to use.

If the status of both Available and Online is True, you can rebind the IP and it won't cost your credit.

If the status of Available is False, and status of Online is True, it'll cost you 1 credit to bind the IP.