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General S5 Proxies
How to pay? +

There're many payment methods on our website, credit card, PayPal, Alipay, virtual currency, etc. You can click Buy Plan button to check.

How is the internet speed? +

It's 5M/s, but it also depends on your own network.

How do you charge? +

Rotating residential proxy is charged by traffic, static ISP proxy and IP-Amount plan are charged by IP amount.

Do you have a software? +

We don't have software to configue proxy. We provide proxy information and you need other proxy softwares to configure proxy, like proxifier.

How to configure proxy? +

We have tutorials for some proxy software. You can check them here:

How to contact? +

You can contact us for more service by


Do you have any restrictions on IP usage? +

Our proxies have no limit on the number of requests or concurrent sessions, and API links are extracted as often as once per second. If you have additional needs, please contact customer service for assistance.

How to pay a plan? +

After logging in, you can go to pricing page, select your best suit plan and click Buy Plan.

How to change password? +

Please click the “login” in the upper right corner of the website, click "Forgot Password", and then you can change your password.

How to get discount code? +

Please subcribe our Telegram channel, we will send some discount codes in channel.

Is your proxy support UDP? +

No, we don't support UDP.

How can I customize package? +

Please contact Customer Service to customize package.


Rotating residential proxy
Brief introduction +

Rotating residential proxy traffic plan:

This plan is charged by traffic you consumed. Traffic will expire after 30 days from the day you bought it.

You can choose a country and target some states and cities.

It can be used on PC and phones.

You can use API or user pass auth to generate proxy information.

IP rotates every 5 mintues with API, while for user pass auth, you can customize the IP duration to 1-30 minutes.

How to target city or state? +

You can choose country and city in your dashboard.

How can I set IP duration? +

You can set IP duration in Rotation in User & Pass Auth. Choose Sticky IP and set the IP duration on the right side.

How long do the IPs rotate? +

With API method, the IP rotates every 5 minutes, while the rotation of user pass auth method can be customized by you, ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

How can I change IPs manually with User & Pass Auth? +

You can change the string after session in proxy username to change IPs manually.

For example, original username is


change it to




IP can be changed manually as long as you change the string within 30 min.

How to create more users with one sub-account? +

You can create more users by editing the proxy username.

For example, with one sub-account abc123, you can create these users:





Will my traffic disappear at the end of the month? +

The proxy is valid for 30 days from the day of your purchase.

How to use the test command in User&Pass Auth? +

1. Press win+R

2. Input "cmd", then press Enter

3. Copy the the test command on our site and paste it in windows command, then press Enter.

What's the difference between API method and User Pass Auth? +

API method generate IP list, default rotation duration is 5 min.

User Pass Auth method generate proxy information, like host:port:username:password.

Rotation duration can be customized, ranging from 1 min to 30 min.

Difference between random ip and sticky ip +

Random IP changes automatically, you can't control or know its duration. While with sticky IP, you can set IP duratioin, ranging 1-30 min.

How to filter countries in User Pass Auth? +

If you can't filter countries in User Pass Auth, please try these solutions, choose one of them to fix it.

A. Pree Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page.

Note: Ctrl + F5, press them at the same time.

B. Clean all the cache of the browser.

C. Try another browser which hasn't been used to open the site before.

Static ISP Proxy
Brief introduction +

Static ISP proxy:

This plan is charged by IP amount.

It's dedicated, not shared. IPs only for you to use, it won't change before the expiration date.

You can choose to buy it for days, weeks or one month.

You can use whitelist or user pass to authenticate.

What's the difference between residential and isp? +

Rotating residential proxy: Provide bulk IPs, IP rotate every few minutes.

Static ISP proxy: one IP for you to use, it won't change before the expiration date.

Can ISP proxy change IP? +

It's static proxy. One IP only for you to use, won't change before the expiration date.

Can I choose country and cities for ISP proxy? +

You can choose the region you need when you buy it.

Why is the IP address not the same as the country selected at the time of purchase? +

Different browsers and websites use different IP recognition database. There may be delay on some database. We'll keep updating ours.

How to renew Static ISP Proxies? +

1、Open your Dashboard, click Static ISP Proxies

2、Click IP Management

3、Choose the IP you want to renew, Click Renew

Please note that you should renew your IP before it expires.

S5 Proxies
Brief introduction +

IP-Amount plan:

This plan is charged by IP amount. You can generate one or multiple proxy IPs to use for one or more browsers.

Proxies in this plan are residential.

It can only be used on the PC which has been bound successfully. It can't be used on phones or emulators.

You can filter countries, cities and ZIP code.

No bandwidth limit. No expiration.

IP duration depends on IPs themselves and the website you visit. Some IPs last for minutes, some can last longer, maximum 2 hours.

Is the new S5 plan rotating? +

No, it isn't.You have to change IP manually.

How long do the IPs in S5 proxy last? +

IP duration depends on IPs themselves and the website you visit. Some IPs last for minutes, some can last longer, maximum 2 hours.

Can it be used on phones? +

Sorry, proxy in this plan can't be used on phones or emulators.

Are proxies in this plan residential? +

Yes, they are residential proxy.

Does this plan have expiration date? +

No, it doesn't have expiration date.

IP region recognition mistake +

This is an IP library identification problem, we use the latest IP library identification. Error probability is extremely low.

How is the S5 Proxies billed? +

After successfully connecting to the proxy in PY S5 Manager, the IP becomes invalid from the successful connection to the proxy and is counted as one consumption and charged according to the number of consumed IPs.

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